about us - a brief timeline


The company was founded on 1 April 1919 by Michael Schreyer.


His father, Hans Schreyer, joined the company, and it was renamed Hans & Michael Schreyer Maschinenfabrik Nürnberg.

The first product line included:

machines for producing diamond drawing dies, automated machines for manufacturing turned and ground phonograph needles and dental products.


Product range was expanded to include the manufacture of plate mills, spinning machines, wire-drawing machines and other specialist machinery for the Leoni wire industry with export.


Product range was expanded to include the manufacture of small Swiss-type automatic lathes. This year also saw the beginning of an expanding bar turning plant.


Series production of small automatic tool grinding machines and thread-cutting machines.


Almost all buildings, machines and models were destroyed due to the war.

During this year senior executive Hans Schreyer died, and rapid reconstruction of the company began.


Son Georg Schreyer became a partner in the company.

Company presentation at the “first EMO” trade fair in Hanover, with subsequent global connections. Over the following decades, the company, which then consisted of the machine-manufacturing enterprise and a bar turning plant, was expanded and employed around 60 staff on average.


Hans Schreyer, grandson of the founder, joined the company and assumed sole responsibility of the management.

Michael Schreyer, founder of the company, left the company.

Under the direction of Hans Schreyer, 1 automatic and 2 manual universal grinding machines were produced, and individual CNC machines were also manufactured to customer specifications.


Announcement of liquidation by Hans Schreyer, now almost 70 years of age, due to the absence of a successor. Around 5,000 machines had been manufactured up to this point, including around 3,500 tool grinding machines.


Prior to its ultimate dissolution, the company was taken over and continued under the name SCHREYER WERKZEUGMASCHINEN GmbH by Bruno Dietsche, who was now managing both Dietsche Maschinenbau GmbH, which he established in 1972, and SCHREYER GmbH as the sole shareholder.


Development and production of CNC attachment and retrofit kits in 2- and 3-axes versions began during the deepest recession, for existing manual universal tool grinding machines.


The company name was changed to SCHREYER SCHLEIFMASCHINEN GmbH. The universal machine range was revised, expanded to include high-precision versions and readjusted to meet market requirements.


The company took part at the EMO trade fair, and unveiled a low-cost CNC solution for tool grinding.


The company took part at the Grind-Tec, Fameta, Metav, EUROMOLD and various other international trade fairs.


80th anniversary and acquisition of manual tool grinding machines UWIA and UWII from Saacke, Pforzheim. The production company Dietsche GmbH relocated to new premises in Nuremberg.


The company MURTHY-SCHREYER PVT LTD was founded as a joint venture in Bangalore, INDIA.

Mr. Narasimra Murthy and Bruno Dietsche are shareholders with equal shares.


The new millennium began with new challenges that we aim to address.

We are optimistic about the future of our company and, by means of product development, advertising and participation at international trade fairs, we intend to help safeguard Germany as a business location and to preserve the original meaning of the terms German craftsmanship and “made in Germany”.


A new joint production facility was constructed in 90610 Winkelhaid, for SCHREYER GmbH and Dietsche GmbH


Participation at EMO and expansion, plus rationalisation of the accessories range.


The company participated successfully at the GRIND TEC trade fair in Augsburg.


National and international trade fairs.


HAAS Trossingen. Manual tool grinding machines, take-over of servicing and spare parts supply.