uws4 komp 2-large

Description of the machine

Manual universal tool grinding machine with large travel ranges and swivel table.

The T-shape of the machine body, manufactured from high-quality GG 25, offers this precision-manufactured machine good stability and guarantees optimum natural frequency and damping performance.

This is necessary in order to achieve excellent working precision and grinding quality.

Its universality and ideal workspace, in conjunction with its wide range of accessories, facilitate quick adjustment to ever-changing requirements.

The machine is operated from the front as standard.

Two optional handwheels on the left-hand side offer the additional option of operating the machine from the rear. This lays the foundations for grinding work that is fatigue-free, straightforward, and can even be carried out sitting down.

Particular emphasis is placed on the high level of precision, the ergonomics and the durability of the components and of the entire machine.

Scope of application

The UWS 4 covers 4 different grinding procedures

Surface grinding

Tackle surface grinding tasks and individual subtasks with a high degree of precision using a magnet,
a swivelling vice and a manual dividing head.

The controls are easy to use, guaranteeing minimum demands on your time.

External cylindrical grinding

Here you can use a headstock with collet attachment, or jaw chuck and an adjustable tailstock.

Internal cylindrical grinding

Carry out speedy internal and surface grinding work using the displaceable and interchangeable grinding spindle (7100 min standard).

Higher RPMs require an internal grinding spindle that can be easily adapted.

Tool grinding

A manual dividing head and support finger unit make up the solid basic equipment required for speedy face and peripheral grinding on a variety of mill types.

A spiral grinding attachment is required for spiral flute grinding and relief grinding.


You will find a wide range of attachment devices and instruments, clamping devices, dust extraction equipment, measuring equipment, video technology and grinding wheels in our extensive catalogue.


Grinding table working surface

930x180 mm

Grinding table moves via toothed rack and manual lever

540 mm

Cross slide moves via trapezoidal threaded spindle

250 mm

Vertical slide moves via trapezoidal threaded spindle

200 mm

Scale reading at 3 mm spindle pitch

0.01 mm

Height adjustment range displacement

100 mm

Adjustment range above grinding table, grinding spindle down

110 - 310 mm

Adjustment range above grinding table, grinding spindle up

210 - 410 mm

Swivelling range of the grinding head (horizontal)


Swivelling range of the grinding head (vertical)


Axial displacement of the grinding spindle

120 mm

Grinding spindle dimensions

Ø 60x355 mm

Grinding spindle speeds, step I

2600/5200 min

Grinding spindle speeds, step II

3700/7400 min

Drive motor performance

0.70/0.85 kW

Connected load

2 kVA

Overall height

1550 mm

Depth x width

1415 x 1000 mm

Top edge of clamping plate above floor level

1000 mm

Space requirement (including operation)

2.3 x 2.5 m

Net weight of the machine including normal accessories

approx. 620 kg